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Hi I'm Cindy(: This is my world of expression. I just re-blog what feels right and what catches my attention and yes that does mean I will post 'porn.' Anyway yeah c: you are welcome to ask me stuff nothing is off limits
Just Smile…. by music-is-life-forever featuring t shirtsAgent Ninetynine t shirt, $40Cotton tank top, $9.95H&M low rise skinny jeans, £30Comme des Garcons hi top sneaker, £85Christmas bag, $28Gothic jewelry, £8.95Burton beanie, $15

  1. Agent Ninetynine t shirt, $40
    Cotton tank top, $9.95
    H&M low rise skinny jeans, £30
    Comme des Garcons hi top sneaker, £85
    Christmas bag, $28
    Gothic jewelry, £8.95
    Burton beanie, $15
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